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Connecting more than 6,000+ building architects, interior designers, landscape architect and professional consultant with creative work design access for your upcoming elegant projects.

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PROPERTY MIRROR - Developers, Architects and Interior Designers

3D Modeling & Rendering Services

3D VR Modeling & Design Support

The team at TheRoots understands your visualization needs in virtual reality and is capable of designing stunning and breathtaking visuals for your projects before it is built. From creating visualization images and videos to creating 360 interactive VR viewer, our team of artists craft an experience that ensures the saleability of the conceptualized project.

Pre visualization support, Show property in virtual reality, Virtual sample house, Video Walk-through, fly-through and 360 interactive virtual reality tools.

Interactive VR Studio | Video Walk-through | 360* VR viewer |QR Code Access

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PROPERTY MIRROR - Interactive VR | AR Studio

We has developed a state of the art technology that gives buyers a Real Life viewing experience of how the inside and outside of their homes or apartment project will feel and look BEFORE it is built. Personalized, immersive, state of art breathtaking experiences. Thats how we can describe the new and upcoming technologies of VR/AR. The future is here and we are there to make it easy for you to use all the new tech.

Experiences on 3d glasses, Mobile VR, HTC Vive, Occulus, Hololens, PC, XBOX and Playstation. All experiences are supported on Android, IOS, MacOS, Linux and game consoles.

Interactive VR | Feel Live Walk-through | 360* Real Life View

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INTERIOR PLUS - Interior Design and Execution Support

How It Work

Meet us

Visit & Get VR Demo

Tell us how you want your interiors to be, and our expert designers will shape your vision, as per your budget and visualize in 360 VR

Finalization and Agreement

Agreement Signup

Based on final plan, we will prepare the draft of agreement including 2D layout drawings, 3D renders, 360 VR video, BoQ with every detail of your project

Interior Project Execution

On-Time Execution

We’ll provide you with a detailed timeline and on-site execution updates stage-wise under the supervision of experts and with quality checks.

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