A16/3/31 Walnut Knot Veneers

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The walnut notes veneer is a very simple yet an interesting design that cuts a mark for modern minimalistic interior design. Sawed from half round logs (derived from a single log) of wood this premium-grade veneer is a perfect choice for both home and office space décor. The unique horizontal cluster waves grain finish stands out, it makes this set of veneer special. It is an extremely well-positioned product and a preferred choice of architects, interior designers, and home owners alike.


Standard Size : 8Ft Height by 4Ft Width 

Thickness :  4mm [0.5mm Face Skin Veneer +3.5mm Premium Back Ply]

Group Texture :Horizontal Cluster Waves Grains

Group Pattern : Made From Single Logs

Colour :  Light Brown

Quality : Premium grade


The high-quality cluster veneer can be used for various types of partitions, shutters, doors, furniture surfacing/resurfacing and other wood works.

Care & Maintenance:

Use standard commercial cleaners and polishes specially formulated to be used on interior wood, to keep your veneer surface shiny and new for a long time.

Wood veneer sheet surface needs to be protected from dust and scratches at all times, this calls for careful handling before and during furniture work. We recommend application of a sealant on the veneer surface upon its arrival to avoid scrapes, nicks and collecting dust during storage.

It is advisable to get veneer sheets polished by a professional; failing to do so, may result in yellowing or penetration, clearly visible on the final wood finish.

Wood is designed by nature, such that each piece is unique in its design. No two pieces are exactly identical.

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SKU RD2016JMD40GRP13-7
Manufacture Code A16/3/31 .
Product Dimension Value / sheet
Veneer Colour Brown
Veneer Design Layout Horizontal
Veneer Type Walnut
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