This amazing concrete house looks fabulous. Work of architect Pitsou Kedem, the building relies on a solid structure that creates a feeling of stability and security. Inspired by pavilions, the architect opted for large open spaces there were divided smartly into functional and entertaining areas. Actually, after a quick glimpse inside, you realise that the demarcation of the spaces is so smooth and gentle that the entire house resembles a welcoming playground. The only thing that you have to deal with while working with concrete is the lack of warmth. Its coolness might sometimes feel overwhelming, but here are some tips to melt it. Opt for open shelves  – be it for books or decorative art -; displayed as such, they will function like hot spots of color and diversity inside your home. Play with light! Create focal areas with floor lamps or make the dining shine by the use of an imposing chandelier. Also, be generous with natural light and let it flood the interiors. It goes without saying that greenery is the best instrument to enliven a space. Plants, flowers and even trees – are welcomed inside as much as possible […] Read more

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