Bringing retro style into contemporary might be challenging, but also rewarding. Just imagine how satisfied designers feel knowing that they succeeding in mixing earlier pieces of furniture with modern items. Realized by Greg Natale studio, the home below flirts with classic setups, while including the expression of the nowadays life as well. To reflect solidity, timber was used as a dominant material: doors, polished floors, cabinetry and frames – they all share the passion for wood that creates a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. The living room is a generous space with a quite common mise-en-scene, but it the abundance of natural light makes it out of the ordinary. Two comfy sofas, a davenport and some large armchairs were disposed around the table, creating the perfect layout for discussions and meetings. Intense lacquered brown is a common color for retro style interiors and you will find it dominating here too […] Read more


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