What makes an interior…so British? A red telephone box, a flag, a Chesterfield sofa and a pile of newspapers, especially The Times or The Guardian. Ukrainian designer Alexander Gurevich put all his talent in a project that is both therapy and challenge. As a dominant rule, let colors explode if you want to activate visitors’ senses and create different corners for lounge and chatting. That will make them reflect, admire and feel the space! Regarding the materials, wood and brick are always a solution for cozy, warm interiors, while leather sofas and armchairs in velvet tapestry add elegance and nobility. Posters with great sportsmen, actors and singers bring dynamism, while exquisite ceramic plates and kettles remind us of the traditional English tea. Finally, light completes the atmosphere, creating mood and meaning. Remember: in a pub, decorative lighting brings out the shape of objects, the “feel” of texture, and important keynotes! And now, it’s time for a Guinness […] Read more

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