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Below are suggested talking points for the Panel Discussion

1 Current Operations 

  • How are you managing the current project work?
  • Are there any new activities that you have started under lockdown – staff training, webinars, etc.

2 Planning Ahead – Resuming Operations

  • Have you thought about or planned for managing post-lock-down operations?
  • What do you think will be the situation for your practice after 3 months; after 12 months; and beyond 12 months?
  • Do you have any suggestions for how the Central/Local government can help to address the challenges you expect to face post-lock-down?

3 Long-term Effects of COVID-19 - Future architecture and design operations

  • How do you think will the new risk responses change your work style with respect to (Client interactions / Site coordination/ Material Selection Process)
  • Will work from home and virtual teams become a new normal? Why?  Why not?
  • What technology or applications are going to be used more? Why?      

4 Fiscal Planning – Managing Finances in a volatile and uncertain economy

  • Your suggestion on manage payment of salaries/other expenses in the medium term?
  • What is your design team retention strategy?
  • Should the government provide financial support? What and how?

5 Thoughts on the broader picture

  • What are your thoughts on the overall impact of lock-down on this Architecture/Design sector?
    • Can this be an opportunity to redesign architectural/design services?
    • Will we see an increase in specialization and market disruption?
  • Indian and Global Economy:
    • What are your thoughts on the impact on global competitiveness for Indian, products, and design services?
    • Which sectors of the economy do you see facing huge downturns? Which will rise unexpectedly?