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  1. NM Apartment by Paul Kaloustian Studio, Beirut

    NM apartment  was designed by Paul Kaloustian Studio and it is located in Beirut. The basic approach is to eliminate the existing layout of the apartment and to focus on intensifying its potentials. The NM apartment enjoys unique views on to the Mediterranean sea from one side and the dense fabric of the Gemayze district from the other, which we enhanced by opening up the facades to allow total transparency. The proposed plan relies on three curved walls to define the spaces generating a re-orientation of the apartment towards the views with an expanded and open living, dining and entrance […] Read more

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  2. Classic With A Contemporary Look by I Love Colours Studio

    Classic style is for those who love old movies, the gentle touch of the aristocracy and the novels populated with princes and countesses. Even if we can not rebuild those frames completely into a contemporary apartment, we can keep some elements that remind us of the sweet classic style. For example, cushioned armchairs, long, heavy curtains, upholstered headboards at king size beds, shaded lamps and crystal chandeliers. They all recall the beauty of traditional interiors and can be easily integrated into a contemporary house too. Realised by Romanian studio I Love Colours, the apartment below combined classic with contemporary details in order to obtain a fresh, yet elegant and sophisticated look. Explore the gallery and let us know if you enjoyed the project […] 

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  3. Luxurious Accommodation In Paris At Fraser Suites Le Claridge

    Is luxurious accommodation on your list this holiday? Spotted on, Fraser Suites Le Claridge offers this kind of retreat on famous Champs-Elysees boulevard. Mixing a classic aesthetic with modern influences, the interiors are bold, fresh and very welcoming. King size beds, tapestried armchairs and lacquered cabinets are displayed in the apartments, which also feature a sophisticated touch. When ornaments do not abound, the colors can work amazingly for dramatic visual effects. However, hotels do not exaggerate with tones as they have to meet a wide range of tastes and to provide a cozy, relaxing environment for everyone. The historical building below, with its wrought iron railings and exuberant decorative elements, transforms the bus

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  4. Luxury Living: A Duplex Apartment in Mumbai, India

    Luxury living is usually about crystals, marble and expensive lacquered wood. While this is not a definition I would adopt wholeheartedly, there are interiors that look amazing after following the above mentioned formula. The duplex below is located in Mumbai, India and it was designed bySpace Dynamix. Embracing brown as a dominant tone, the rooms offer tranquility, warmth and stability, while pampering the inhabitants with exquisite furnishings, comfy sofas and a lovely terrace overlooking the neighborhood. As for the decorative items, the designer relied on black wooden sculptures, abstract drawings and king size vases. Also, to add personality to the home, several statement objects were introduced: a couple of chairs with a geometric patterned seat back and some original pendant lamps make the luxury living a fairytale […] 

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  5. A Century Old Barge Converted Into A Floating House, Stockholm

    Spotted on Skeppsholmen, here is a 1909 barge converted into an inspiring 1,600 square foot floating apartment. This century old barge was given a new lease on life by transforming it into a 2-bedroom floating apartment in Sodermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.  The interiors are done very aesthetically and the house offers nothing short of pure luxury. Being in water and away from the population, it is great place for a retreat during vacations. What a great place to live, if you can tolerate huge heating bills and a lot of expenses […] Read more

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  6. Tips to Make Your Room Bigger and Brighter

    Its always a good idea to decorate your living room with color. This room is the place where your family gathers and where you spend time with guests so its great when its bright and happy. Such room will energize everyone with a good mood. It isn't hard to make the living room bright and colorful. You can use prints, fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and other objects of decor to achieve your goal. Even one or two bright objects are enough to make a bold statement in a neutral colored room. We’ve gathered for you as many examples of such rooms as possible. We hope you will find some inspiration and ideas in these cool living rooms. Enjoy this collection of inspiring bright / light-filled living rooms featuring nice design furniture and decor […] 

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  7. Fresh and Clean Scandinavian Apartment Design

    Spring brings clarity, purity, un-layering, fresh outlooks and an urge to simplify everything! Scandinavian interiors are trending right now with their fresh-air aesthetic, quality craftsmanship and emphasis on natural light.

    A cool Scandinavian palette of white walls may seem a little stark to some, but we think this example of blank canvas living perfectly illustrates how you can color a space with little more than your personality. Your existing collections of books, artwork, kitchenware and even good food packaging can create beautiful pockets of color around your home. By using rustic elements and occasional touches of color, Scandinavian rooms are restful and contemporary […] Read more

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  8. Cozy Scandinavian Apartment Inspiring Joyful Home Decorating Ideas

    Welcome to a refined Scandinavian apartment in Vasastan, Stockholm preserving quite a few charming turn-of-the-century details. The feeling that greets you when you enter the hall is striking. This is due to the three windows allowing natural light inside and a generous ceiling height. Apartment decorating ideas for this living space can be summed up as follows: white light, contemporary and clean design. The apartment is also a wonderful lesson in the importance of not cluttering your space. Take, for instance, the kitchen and dining area. Design is sparse, with a sole black-and-white painting above the dining room table serving as the area’s only wall decoration. But, thanks to the shining steel appliances, white-washed walls, and lively bunches of bright-green plants that are scattered around, this sparse design makes for a very attractive space. When yo

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  9. Colorful and Unusual -The Gorgeous Parisian Apartment of Paola Navone

    Would you live in a Parisian apartment like that? Are you ready today for something colorful and unusual? – the Parisian Apartment of the architect and designer Paola Navone. Paola Navone made her Parisian apartment feel like an eclectic summer country house. The space is open, white with wooden floors and brick walls, full of color and mood. This apartment is really great, playful as well as warm and harmonious. I admit that my favorite place is the big dining room with green chairs, old furniture and all these pretty glass jars. Love the bold colors towards the neutral base, relaxed and almost nonchalant in a way. The bathroom and master bedroom invoke the Mediterranean, while touches of Asia 0 another of her favorite destination

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  10. Geometric Patterns Look Fresh And Animate Your Home

    Geometric patterns have the power to animate your home. Despite their masculine feel, they accommodate easily in any contemporary interior. Spotted on, the apartment realized Fimera Design features wallpapers, carpets, items of furniture, tiles and even lighting objects with geometric patterns. The result? The inhabitants experience a dynamic space, being visually stimulated in every room. In a nutshell, they get instant energy from various colors, shapes and lines. In the bedroom, the wall paper combines harmoniously with the patterned pillows and the bed covering. Also, in the living room, a honeycomb like niche adds personality to the space, while the bathroom features blue tiles with different figures […] 

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