Cozy Scandinavian Apartment Inspiring Joyful Home Decorating Ideas

Welcome to a refined Scandinavian apartment in Vasastan, Stockholm preserving quite a few charming turn-of-the-century details. The feeling that greets you when you enter the hall is striking. This is due to the three windows allowing natural light inside and a generous ceiling height. Apartment decorating ideas for this living space can be summed up as follows: white light, contemporary and clean design. The apartment is also a wonderful lesson in the importance of not cluttering your space. Take, for instance, the kitchen and dining area. Design is sparse, with a sole black-and-white painting above the dining room table serving as the area’s only wall decoration. But, thanks to the shining steel appliances, white-washed walls, and lively bunches of bright-green plants that are scattered around, this sparse design makes for a very attractive space. When yo

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