1. Praia do Felix Beach House by Vidal and Sant Anna

    Hidden deep in the dense vegetation of Praia do Felix, Brazil, this contemporary resort home is a project by the architects at Vidal and Sant Anna. It was designed to have minimal impact on its stunning surroundings. The project opts for circulations made by external stairs and separates the social and service, located across the slope from intimate area located along the slope below the ground. Very light, the residence, made of certified wood and glass, explores small and minimal rooms to meet the programmatic needs without losing the sense of sustainability […] Read more

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  2. Inviting, Modern and Sustainable: C House by Studio Arthur Casas

    Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this beautiful single family residence was designed in 2013 by Studio Arthur Casas. According to the architects: All service areas where displaced to the basement, thus liberating space for common areas in the ground floor. The sidewalls were covered with stone and a linear garden blurs visual limits, creating depth. The feeling of being outside in the common areas is enhanced by large structural spans and sliding glass doors. Living room, dining room and kitchen are continuous, receiving natural illumination from the garden and the zenithal opening along the side wall. Stairs are made of floating wooden steps suspended by steel cables above the entrance corridor, in a straight line connecting all three floors. In the first floor there are three bedrooms and a home theater. Panels made of wood laths offer visual

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  3. Loft + Rio by iving by Luiz Fernando Grabowsky

    Casa Cor is the biggest and most important event of national architecture and decoration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 22nd edition took place in  the beautiful former hotel and nurses’ university in Flamengo, for which Brazilian studio Luiz Fernando Grabowsky created this cozy loft-like interior […] Read more

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