Cocos Prive Cafe and Club by Grosu Art Studio, Moldova

Located in Chisinau, Moldova, Cocos Prive Cafe&Club was completed by Grosu Art Studio in 2010. Relying on different combinations of lights and hot colors, the team offered an elegant solution to a location that provides both restaurant and club areas. As you can easily notice, the total area of 300 sqm functions as a large open plan with various private zones: white leather sofas with printed pillows, stools and low level tables were sufficient for the modern set-up. Moreover, lighting played an essential role as LED illuminating technology make it possible to change for a different mood all the time. Last, but not least, the brand of the club became an inherent part of the design as it is multiplied by millions on the wall paper and the bar countertop. Just to be sure the clients know where to come back next time […] 

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