colorful and unusual residence

  1. Collage Style Updates Any Home Vividly

    The collage style is more an improvisation than a design per see. But this does not mean that you have the freedom to mix colours, textures, decorations and items of furniture without analysing the consequences. The approach is lively, original and it usually does not require expensive budgets, but it can turn against you if you put everything together chaotically. Explore the gallery with the house we spotted on and observe how the collage style works in a recently restored building. Vintage objects like mirrors, chandeliers, vases, sinks and baskets feel comfortable in this interior that is predominantly painted in white and light grey. Due to their various origins and styles, the items add their own personality to the layout, making it colourful and versatile […] 

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  2. Tips to Make Your Room Bigger and Brighter

    Its always a good idea to decorate your living room with color. This room is the place where your family gathers and where you spend time with guests so its great when its bright and happy. Such room will energize everyone with a good mood. It isn't hard to make the living room bright and colorful. You can use prints, fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and other objects of decor to achieve your goal. Even one or two bright objects are enough to make a bold statement in a neutral colored room. We’ve gathered for you as many examples of such rooms as possible. We hope you will find some inspiration and ideas in these cool living rooms. Enjoy this collection of inspiring bright / light-filled living rooms featuring nice design furniture and decor […] 

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  3. Colorful and Unusual -The Gorgeous Parisian Apartment of Paola Navone

    Would you live in a Parisian apartment like that? Are you ready today for something colorful and unusual? – the Parisian Apartment of the architect and designer Paola Navone. Paola Navone made her Parisian apartment feel like an eclectic summer country house. The space is open, white with wooden floors and brick walls, full of color and mood. This apartment is really great, playful as well as warm and harmonious. I admit that my favorite place is the big dining room with green chairs, old furniture and all these pretty glass jars. Love the bold colors towards the neutral base, relaxed and almost nonchalant in a way. The bathroom and master bedroom invoke the Mediterranean, while touches of Asia 0 another of her favorite destination

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