contemporary apartment

  1. Playing With Geometric Patterns In A Contemporary Apartment

    Patterns are dynamic, catchy and very stylish. When you do not know how to improve the aesthetic of your home, you can rely on them. From all the methods designers embrace to make interiors creative and welcoming, geometric patterns are the easiest to approach. Spotted on, the apartment below proves it wholeheartedly. Tiles, carpets, paintings, and decorative wallpapers – they all share the enthusiasm of playing with geometric pattern. When mixing them, pay attention to colors and textures. Here, a hot blue sofa dominates the living room and an interesting visual correspondence was created between the floor and the wall behind it. A so-called optical illusion drawing in yellow, blue and grey complements with the neutral patterned carpet, making the interior feel energetic and lively.

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  2. Scandinavian Apartment With Playful Messages

    A simply fabulous Scandinavian apartment caught our attention on Common to this style, a state of purity dominates the interiors that are also ready to meet all the inhabitants’ needs and requirements. But, at the same time, playful elements animate the rooms, creating the feeling that you are in a story and you have to decode hidden messages. For example, a note on a pillow: ‘Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast I would catch it.’, a sticker in the bedroom saying ‘In the end there is only love. or a blackboard in the kitchen stating that ‘that’s the heart of the home’. The fact that you find little letters in every room adds personality and intimacy to a house, establishing a so-called inner dialogu

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  3. Scandinavian Design In A Contemporary Loft by Denis Krasikov

    Scandinavian design reflects clarity, smooth communication and a feeling of freedom and joy you usually experience during holidays. I guess this is because its well-organised layouts, lovely colours and modern ornaments that connect your spirit to what’s new, catchy and hot at the moment. Due to its contemporary, fresh look, young designers embrace the principles of the Scandinavian design immediately and transform their projects in Nordic masterpieces. For example, the loft below realised by Denis Krasikov in Murmansk, Russia. Every rooms has something appealing and cheerful – ‘I have no time for your negative bullshit’, the motivational sentences in the living room, the rain of lighting 

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  4. Perfect Balance Between Contemporary Space Design and Classic Furniture

    The sophisticated interior revolves around chic elegance while giving each room a unique feel. In the private area there is a study shared by the two bedrooms, ivory color is what stands out in this space and the wood veneer is highlighted with a soft carpet that with its natural color scheme gives rhythm to the space. The master bedroom has a large bathroom done in marble with a generous dressing area adjacent to a small room, for reading or just relaxing, separated from all the apartment activities. The result is a contemporary space with an atmosphere in which the taste for the classic defines its special

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  5. Classic With A Contemporary Look by I Love Colours Studio

    Classic style is for those who love old movies, the gentle touch of the aristocracy and the novels populated with princes and countesses. Even if we can not rebuild those frames completely into a contemporary apartment, we can keep some elements that remind us of the sweet classic style. For example, cushioned armchairs, long, heavy curtains, upholstered headboards at king size beds, shaded lamps and crystal chandeliers. They all recall the beauty of traditional interiors and can be easily integrated into a […] Read more

    Classic With A Contemporary Look by I Love Colours Stu

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