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  1. 30 Breathtaking Living Room Ideas To Explore This Summer

    Lounging, chatting, reading and even meditating are activities we do in our living rooms. When we invite friends at the dinner, we need a seamless flow between spaces, several secluded areas for private discussions and effortless access to powder room, terrace and kitchen. On the other hand, if you are home alone, you simply want a comfy sofa to relax, a king size TV set to watch movies and a window to admire the stars after sunset. Therefore, we gathered a bunch of fresh living room ideas in the gallery below to inspire you this summer. Enjoy […] Read more

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  2. 20 Modern Contemporary Masculine Bedroom Designs

    Masculinity is usually used to describe men, but nowadays, it is also typical to use the term to describe certain things or material that seems more manly than girly as they call it. What is a masculine space? Usually no glam accessories, no bright and airy colors, dark shades and minimalism in details. A bedroom with a masculine vibe is all about finding that right balance between a deep, unassuming look and a comfortable, elegant hub. The leaders are minimalist bedrooms […] Read more

    20 Modern Contemporary Masculine Bedroom Designs

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  3. 45 Hot Fireplace Ideas From Classic to Contemporary Spaces

    A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. But with so many fireplace designs to choose from, finding the right style for your home might be a bit of a challenge. Who says a fireplace should be enjoyed only during the winter? We’ve got some hot fireplace ideas that are bound to inspire you year round. A fireplace is an architectural structure made of brick, stone or metal designed to contain a fire. Now, fireplaces are used for the relaxing […] Read more

    45 Hot Fireplace Ideas From Classic to Contemporary Spaces

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  4. Classic With A Contemporary Look by I Love Colours Studio

    Classic style is for those who love old movies, the gentle touch of the aristocracy and the novels populated with princes and countesses. Even if we can not rebuild those frames completely into a contemporary apartment, we can keep some elements that remind us of the sweet classic style. For example, cushioned armchairs, long, heavy curtains, upholstered headboards at king size beds, shaded lamps and crystal chandeliers. They all recall the beauty of traditional interiors and can be easily integrated into a […] Read more

    Classic With A Contemporary Look by I Love Colours Stu

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  5. Warm Contemporary Interior Design by GS Architects, USA

    Warm contemporary interior design has become very popular these days. Keeping an eye to the modern set of values, it enhances the space with something more: empathy. You do not feel like entering a showroom or an exhibition where all the details shine flawless. On the contrary, you enjoy your experience and feel a strong connection with the objects inside. Is this possible in the residences where glass and steel reign? If you pick warm contemporary interior design, the effect is guaranteed. Realised by […] Read more

    Warm Contemporary Interior Design by GS Architects, USA

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