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  1. Scandinavian Design In A Contemporary Loft by Denis Krasikov

    Scandinavian design reflects clarity, smooth communication and a feeling of freedom and joy you usually experience during holidays. I guess this is because its well-organised layouts, lovely colours and modern ornaments that connect your spirit to what’s new, catchy and hot at the moment. Due to its contemporary, fresh look, young designers embrace the principles of the Scandinavian design immediately and transform their projects in Nordic masterpieces. For example, the loft below realised by Denis Krasikov in Murmansk, Russia. Every rooms has something appealing and cheerful – ‘I have no time for your negative bullshit’, the motivational sentences in the living room, the rain of lighting 

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  2. Scandinavian Interior Design by Denis Krasikov

    Scandinavian Interior Design relies on purity, functionality and minimalism. The term emerged in the 1950s to describe design from the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. As a result, if you decorate your home using elements from this style, you will virtually travel to Northern Europe all the time. The loft below was realised by Russian designer Denis Krasikov and it features warm wide interiors, painted in light tones of grey and turquoise, and garnished with chic, contemporary ornaments. Flooded by natural light, […] Read more

    Scandinavian Interior Design by Denis Kras

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