geometric patterns

  1. Playing With Geometric Patterns In A Contemporary Apartment

    Patterns are dynamic, catchy and very stylish. When you do not know how to improve the aesthetic of your home, you can rely on them. From all the methods designers embrace to make interiors creative and welcoming, geometric patterns are the easiest to approach. Spotted on, the apartment below proves it wholeheartedly. Tiles, carpets, paintings, and decorative wallpapers – they all share the enthusiasm of playing with geometric pattern. When mixing them, pay attention to colors and textures. Here, a hot blue sofa dominates the living room and an interesting visual correspondence was created between the floor and the wall behind it. A so-called optical illusion drawing in yellow, blue and grey complements with the neutral patterned carpet, making the interior feel energetic and lively.

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  2. Geometric Patterns Look Fresh And Animate Your Home

    Geometric patterns have the power to animate your home. Despite their masculine feel, they accommodate easily in any contemporary interior. Spotted on, the apartment realized Fimera Design features wallpapers, carpets, items of furniture, tiles and even lighting objects with geometric patterns. The result? The inhabitants experience a dynamic space, being visually stimulated in every room. In a nutshell, they get instant energy from various colors, shapes and lines. In the bedroom, the wall paper combines harmoniously with the patterned pillows and the bed covering. Also, in the living room, a honeycomb like niche adds personality to the space, while the bathroom features blue tiles with different figures […] 

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