home designing

  1. Modern Staircase Designs for Inspiration

    There are many different staircase designs that can be used in household constructions. The one you select for your house construction or renovation will depend on the space you have to work with, the purpose of the stairs, and your budget.You should also consider the age of the people navigating the stairs, curved and spiral staircases are beautiful, but might not be as practical when people with reduced mobility live in the house.[…] Read more

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  2. The Brick And Wood Aesthetic of Dana House, Connecticut

    A simple combination of brick and wood may sound rough today, but it has been very trendy in the building aesthetics of the mid-century. Spotted on home-designing.com, Dana House was projected by Ulrich Franzen who explored the brutalist style with grace. Stable and imposing, the construction shelters five bedrooms, a generous living area and four bathrooms. Despite its massiveness, the building offers warm, lively interiors that make the inhabitants feel comfortable and relaxed. One way to generate this atmosphere at home is to rely on vivid colours, artistic objects and original lighting items. Paintings, lamp shades, drawings, sculptures and pillows animate the interiors and add personality to the

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