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  1. Ideas of How To Put Kids Bedroom On The Map

    Would you like to make the kids bedroom a world they deserve? Then, prepare to sacrifice a wall in their bedroom for a colourful map that will display in front of them the amazing diversity of our planet. Once you decided for the adventure, investigate the kids bedroom and look carefully around to pick the best place. Most of the parents choose the area around the desk because maps are useful when kids are doing their homework, while the teenagers prefer to have them near the bed because they stimulate the act of dreaming. Regardless of the destination, make sure the map in the kids bedroom is printed on a high quality paper and, if necessary, add an extra plastic cover for its protection. Moreover, make sure the ma

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  2. 35 Colorful and Modern Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

    Designing a home is a task difficult enough, but it becomes all the more difficult when you have kids around. Gone are the days (much like the days when we were kids ourselves), when your parents just gave you a room and told you to make whatever you could out of it. Decorating the kid’s bedrooms is always a challenge. They have a lot of ideas but not all of them may be to your liking, and your ‘grown-up’ take […] Read more

    35 Colorful and Modern Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

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