1. amazing-bedroom-sets-for-the-chamber-of-your-dreams

    Located in Chelsea, London, England, this lovely small apartment is a remodeling project carried out by City Interiors. Apart from the existing staircase position this house was completely remodeled. Extended sideways; at the rear and to optimize the use of our skill sets, a basement was excavated and constructed to fill the entire footprint of the site. The living room features glass floor which transmits light from the glass pitched roof over the ground floor side extension in to the lower ground kitchen space. This reconfiguration takes the house from sqft to sqft makes way for a new kitchen; dining area, living room and double height courtyard. The family that employed us had recently sold a house in Cale Street that they had completed with Stephen Fletcher Architects and another contractor. This client has amazing energy and despite professional and

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  2. An Amazing Gallery With Tips and Tricks For Your Interiors

    Based in London, Chris Snook is a photographer specialized in interiors, property and architecture and he has built a strong client base since his graduation in 2007. With a bachelor in art and design, no surprise the images presented on show great compositions and fine observations of the details. Take a look through the gallery below to see his results and make the tips work for your home, too. Most of the interiors rely on modern set-ups, but none is borrowed from a showroom. Interesting lighting objects, large pictures or paintings, elegant candlesticks and mirrors with baroque frames add the personal touch anyone would love to create at home. Dont forget to let natural light come inside all day long – it makes s

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  3. A Modern and Warm Apartment Design by Daniel Hopwood

    London-based studio Daniel Hopwood completed the Design for Living project in July 2012.  The apartment overlooks a street lined with late 19th century red brick mansion blocks that have terracotta, stone and render detailing. The space is divided into three rooms, one with an open-plan kitchen leading into a reception room that has 5 metre high ceilings. A mezzanine overlooking the double-volume space has been configured as an additional study area. We are a big fan of large art groupings, and the one in the dining space looks fantastic, especially how it mimics the windows. And LOVE all of the classic mid-century furnishings. The interior designer reconfigured a bijou apartment in Marylebone, London, UK, to create space where his “bons vivants clients could entertain lavishly, designing it with a sleek, creamy oak envelope and a hint of Halston ‘70s

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