1. Clive Wilkinson Designs The Snaking Curving Desk for the Barbarian Group

    Clive Wilkinson architects has established a reputation for its influential approach to designing for the office landscape. This is evidenced in the bespoke desk that the california-based developed for the Barbarian Group‘s New York office. The ad agency requested of clive wilkinson architects that they conceive a piece of furniture that facilitated interaction between their various departments.The Barbarian Group, a new generation internet advertising agency, required a workspace design that would foster collaboration and transparency in their growing company, and challenge their creativity […] Read more

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  2. Stylish Apartment in Manhattan, New York

    This stylish apartment, available for short-term rent, is located in the West Village, in Manhattan, New York. Its interior boasts a wide variety of textures and materials, the amalgamation of which creates an irresistible effect. With two bedrooms, five bathrooms, a handful of terraces, and a rolling landscape of sublimely appointed living, eating, and entertaining space, naturally one cannot help but suspect there is no more abundant terrain to be found over hill or dale throughout the five boroughs. The soaring living space is a bouquet of mint and rich navy, radiant with a riotous tumble of bamboo fronds and the gracious shade of broad-leafed tropical foliage. A magnificent trellis of exposed brick nearby neatly divides the dining room from a startlingly superlative kitchen of brushed steel, frosted glass, and fine-grained blonde hardwood. Soak in an outpouring of

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