A Modern and Warm Apartment Design by Daniel Hopwood

London-based studio Daniel Hopwood completed the Design for Living project in July 2012.  The apartment overlooks a street lined with late 19th century red brick mansion blocks that have terracotta, stone and render detailing. The space is divided into three rooms, one with an open-plan kitchen leading into a reception room that has 5 metre high ceilings. A mezzanine overlooking the double-volume space has been configured as an additional study area. We are a big fan of large art groupings, and the one in the dining space looks fantastic, especially how it mimics the windows. And LOVE all of the classic mid-century furnishings. The interior designer reconfigured a bijou apartment in Marylebone, London, UK, to create space where his “bons vivants clients could entertain lavishly, designing it with a sleek, creamy oak envelope and a hint of Halston ‘70s

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