Eclectic Atmosphere In Nuka Bistro by Gosho Stefanov, Romania

Eclectic bars are one of my favourites. With their frenzy to combine decorative styles and statements, you never get bored. This is also the case with Nuka Bistro below, a cozy, eclectic restaurant designed by Gosho Stefanov in Cluj, Romania. The special bistro is located inside of a historical building which was constructed a few hundred years ago in the city centre. The interior design reinvents the origins of the location, being inspired by classic French style. Meanwhile, contemporary insertions create contrast and diversity. Thus, an eclectic composition resulted. The approximately 150 square meters is divided into two rooms which communicate with each other and have separate access from the street. Tolix chairs, sofas and armchairs upholstered in linen, old wooden bar furniture and countertops crea

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