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  1. Outdoor Design Ideas For A Private Residence

    Summer is here, so a bunch of outdoor design ideas would be just perfect for those who want to remodel their courtyard. Work of FGMF, the residence below features an inviting, smartly organized garden which can be a fruitful source of inspiration for all of us. As you can easily notice, geometry played an essential role in this setup. The building has some original angles and perspectives that were explored for the exterior area too. As a result, the composition has fluidity and homogeneity, undulating smoothly between the built, concrete area and the natural greenery. Thus, a feeling of balance governs the place which is divided in 3 distinct areas: a dynamic pool, a serene plot consisting of wooden flooring and a lively grass carpet, and a covered terrace including a dining set and a cooking area. If I were to write a list of must-have outdoor design ideas, I

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  2. 30 Lovely Mediterranean Outdoor Spaces Designs

    Mediterranean gardening and garden design is ideal for gardens anywhere in the world which have a Mediterranean style climate of hot, dry summers and fairly frost-free winters. Our collection of outdoors designs from the Mediterranean design style is growing slowly but surely as a part of our most recent showcase of the Mediterranean style. And we are not stopping here which is proven by this new collection which is going to show you the best place to enjoy the hot summer days and that is the Mediterranean terrace. With careful selection of plants or careful attention to drainage it is possible to have a Mediterranean garden almost anywhere […] Read more

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