playful theme

  1. Modern Teenage Bedroom by Adoro Design

    bedroom for a teenager usually requires huge resources of energy and creativity. They want to impress and nothing can cease their attempt to create extraordinary worlds. Bold colours such as turquoise, red, green or black are always on the list because they enliven the space, making the owner feel confident and adventurous. Secondly, hobbies play an essential role: you will discover memories or symbols of their preferences everywhere in the bedroom. Like in the one we want to present you today, realised by Bulgarian studio Adoro Design. The project meets the needs of an energetic boy, who loves football, cars and skateboard. As you can easily notice, two distinct functions coexist in this bedroom: sleeping and working. The bed – one single item with storage available underneath – was installed near the door. In front of it, a desk with a ch

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  2. Scandinavian Design With Playful Insertions

    What are the first words that come into your mind when you say Scandinavian design? Purity, functionality and playfulness. Although they do not tend to be extravagant or very daring, funny details are sometimes introduced to enliven the spirit of the house. This is also the case with the project below, realized by Plasterlina studio from Poland. As you can easily notice, black boards for cheerful messages and drawings were installed in the dressing room. Also, contemporary lighting bulbs hung by ropes or wire animate the bathroom. Thus, the interior gets personality and emotion. As for the general theme, the designers opted for modern furnishings and built-in closets that offer generous storing spaces. Moreover, they integrate perfectly in the décor, letting the inhabitants enjoy the beautiful parts of the daily living […] 

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