residential project

  1. In-House Garden Makes Your Residence Breathe, Bangkok

    An in-house garden is like a paradise. Bringing nature so close to you will surely enliven your spirit, cheer up your lungs and completely restore your health. Besides that, you become eco-friendly and contribute to the general improvement of the planet. This is also the case with the contemporary residence below – a project of Paripumi Design, spotted on archdaily – that features a spectacular in-house garden. The decision was made when realizing that the neighborhood was only composed of tall grey buildings. Thence, the inhabitants needed to bring nature close to them. Trees, flowers, bushes and various sorts of greenery were planted around the house, and mostly, in all the corners that allowed a minimum connection with the exterior. Thus, plants benefit form light for photosynthesis and t

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  2. Home with Contemporary Updates: Dalkeith Residence by Hillam Architects

    Hillam Architects were asked by their client to design an update for their 1980’s home in Perth, Australia. This new home with contemporary updates was realized by a series of dramatic alterations and additions. The house is mostly glass, steel and concrete, and features a central swimming pool that thrusts forward, enjoying views of the surrounding valley. A new concrete canopy across the front elevation enhances the street presence of the residence while the reflection pool and stone tile path guide visitors to the entry, where a faceted timber window meets them at the front door. Preserving the northern aspect of the original home was a high priority with the kitchen and main living areas to have a strong connection with the outdoors […] 

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  3. Renovation Apartment in Les Corts by Sergi Pons, Barcelona, Spain

    Renovation Apartment in Les Corts is a residential project completed by Sergi Pons.
    It is located in Les Corts, Barcelona, Spain. Originally, the apartment was full with partition walls, and rooms and hallways seemingly placed at random. The owner, Yuna -from Japanese origin and settled in Spain- has two cats: Tau and Misha. The first decision taken consisted in exposing an open space, leaving both the original wooden beams and stone wall, in sight. According to the architects: “We decided to place a “pure”, white and geometrical cube at the center of the apartment, which contains the kitchen and the bathroom, and its walls do not reach the ceiling. This element gives privacy to the bedroom, but keeps the spatial

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