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  1. The New Presslabs Office: A Modern Dynamic IT Office in Timisoara, Romania

    Nedelkovich House, one of the heritage buildings in central Timisoara, Romania, has recently become the headquarters for Presslabs, a young company offering WordPress hosting services that is dedicated to publishers. The New Presslabs Office was designed by Stefania Tipleaand  Consuela Gudiu. Together they transform this common, strictly functional area into adynamic IT office that would reflect the identity of the team. She was happy to meet a cheerful and connected team, who wore house slippers, played with giant colored balls during meetings and even cooked together at work. The New Presslabs Office has a great attic loft, which actually is their home away from home, so coziness was a major factor to c

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  2. Retro Tuscan Style For Bocca Lupo Restaurant, Bucharest

    The Tuscan style suits you if you love the vitality and warmth of the Italian countryside. Bocca Lupo restaurant offers these experiences to those who also appreciate cucina italiana. Located in Bucharest, Romania, the place reinterprets the traditional spirit of Tuscany, with large spaces dominated by natural light and decorative items that date back to the 1950s. As you can easily notice in the gallery below, chalkstone from local sources was used to recall the material present in the traditional houses of Tuscany. Most of the furniture is made of wood: reconditioned vintage cabinets, and a collection of functional tables, sofas and chairs with tapestry complete the layout. The tapestries with checkered patterns are similar to the tablecloths and typical for the Italian cuisine. In this relaxed atmosphere, the decorative item

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  3. Cafe and Gelato Store Design Perfect For An Urban Retreat

    Nothing compares to delicious ice creams and coffees with intense aromas when you feel the need to pamper yourself in the city. Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream And Coffee in Bucharest, Romania is perfect for such retreats. Of course, we have to admit that the interior design of this amazing place makes the products taste even better. Playful and lively, the concept of this gelato store design invites you to see life through a wide range of colors. As you can easily notice, the floor is very dynamic and it reflects the flavors of the ice cream: vanilla, blueberry, pistachio, strawberry, nuts and so on. Exposed bricks on the wall make the interior feel warm and relaxed, while the pendant lamps coffin shaped create interesting focal points. The items of furniture – chairs and tables – are simple and functional, arranged

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  4. Eclectic Atmosphere In Nuka Bistro by Gosho Stefanov, Romania

    Eclectic bars are one of my favourites. With their frenzy to combine decorative styles and statements, you never get bored. This is also the case with Nuka Bistro below, a cozy, eclectic restaurant designed by Gosho Stefanov in Cluj, Romania. The special bistro is located inside of a historical building which was constructed a few hundred years ago in the city centre. The interior design reinvents the origins of the location, being inspired by classic French style. Meanwhile, contemporary insertions create contrast and diversity. Thus, an eclectic composition resulted. The approximately 150 square meters is divided into two rooms which communicate with each other and have separate access from the street. Tolix chairs, sofas and armchairs upholstered in linen, old wooden bar furniture and countertops crea

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