scandinavian design

  1. Fresh and Clean Scandinavian Apartment Design

    Spring brings clarity, purity, un-layering, fresh outlooks and an urge to simplify everything! Scandinavian interiors are trending right now with their fresh-air aesthetic, quality craftsmanship and emphasis on natural light.

    A cool Scandinavian palette of white walls may seem a little stark to some, but we think this example of blank canvas living perfectly illustrates how you can color a space with little more than your personality. Your existing collections of books, artwork, kitchenware and even good food packaging can create beautiful pockets of color around your home. By using rustic elements and occasional touches of color, Scandinavian rooms are restful and contemporary […] Read more

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  2. Cozy Scandinavian Apartment Inspiring Joyful Home Decorating Ideas

    Welcome to a refined Scandinavian apartment in Vasastan, Stockholm preserving quite a few charming turn-of-the-century details. The feeling that greets you when you enter the hall is striking. This is due to the three windows allowing natural light inside and a generous ceiling height. Apartment decorating ideas for this living space can be summed up as follows: white light, contemporary and clean design. The apartment is also a wonderful lesson in the importance of not cluttering your space. Take, for instance, the kitchen and dining area. Design is sparse, with a sole black-and-white painting above the dining room table serving as the area’s only wall decoration. But, thanks to the shining steel appliances, white-washed walls, and lively bunches of bright-green plants that are scattered around, this sparse design makes for a very attractive space. When yo

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  3. Scandinavian Design With Playful Insertions

    What are the first words that come into your mind when you say Scandinavian design? Purity, functionality and playfulness. Although they do not tend to be extravagant or very daring, funny details are sometimes introduced to enliven the spirit of the house. This is also the case with the project below, realized by Plasterlina studio from Poland. As you can easily notice, black boards for cheerful messages and drawings were installed in the dressing room. Also, contemporary lighting bulbs hung by ropes or wire animate the bathroom. Thus, the interior gets personality and emotion. As for the general theme, the designers opted for modern furnishings and built-in closets that offer generous storing spaces. Moreover, they integrate perfectly in the décor, letting the inhabitants enjoy the beautiful parts of the daily living […] 

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  4. Scandinavian Apartment With Playful Messages

    A simply fabulous Scandinavian apartment caught our attention on Common to this style, a state of purity dominates the interiors that are also ready to meet all the inhabitants’ needs and requirements. But, at the same time, playful elements animate the rooms, creating the feeling that you are in a story and you have to decode hidden messages. For example, a note on a pillow: ‘Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast I would catch it.’, a sticker in the bedroom saying ‘In the end there is only love. or a blackboard in the kitchen stating that ‘that’s the heart of the home’. The fact that you find little letters in every room adds personality and intimacy to a house, establishing a so-called inner dialogu

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  5. Scandinavian Design In A Contemporary Loft by Denis Krasikov

    Scandinavian design reflects clarity, smooth communication and a feeling of freedom and joy you usually experience during holidays. I guess this is because its well-organised layouts, lovely colours and modern ornaments that connect your spirit to what’s new, catchy and hot at the moment. Due to its contemporary, fresh look, young designers embrace the principles of the Scandinavian design immediately and transform their projects in Nordic masterpieces. For example, the loft below realised by Denis Krasikov in Murmansk, Russia. Every rooms has something appealing and cheerful – ‘I have no time for your negative bullshit’, the motivational sentences in the living room, the rain of lighting 

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