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  1. Tips to Make Your Room Bigger and Brighter

    Its always a good idea to decorate your living room with color. This room is the place where your family gathers and where you spend time with guests so its great when its bright and happy. Such room will energize everyone with a good mood. It isn't hard to make the living room bright and colorful. You can use prints, fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and other objects of decor to achieve your goal. Even one or two bright objects are enough to make a bold statement in a neutral colored room. We’ve gathered for you as many examples of such rooms as possible. We hope you will find some inspiration and ideas in these cool living rooms. Enjoy this collection of inspiring bright / light-filled living rooms featuring nice design furniture and decor […] 

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  2. An Amazing Gallery With Tips and Tricks For Your Interiors

    Based in London, Chris Snook is a photographer specialized in interiors, property and architecture and he has built a strong client base since his graduation in 2007. With a bachelor in art and design, no surprise the images presented on show great compositions and fine observations of the details. Take a look through the gallery below to see his results and make the tips work for your home, too. Most of the interiors rely on modern set-ups, but none is borrowed from a showroom. Interesting lighting objects, large pictures or paintings, elegant candlesticks and mirrors with baroque frames add the personal touch anyone would love to create at home. Dont forget to let natural light come inside all day long – it makes s

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