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  1. 10 Relaxing Living Rooms with Gorgeous and Modern Sofas

    When you visit someone’s home, one of the first place you will usually be welcomed is the living room.  If you could only choose one room in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, the living room would top the list. It’s that treasured space that sets the tone for your entire decorating style. For today, we gathered a little over 10 relaxing living rooms with gorgeous and modern sofas. From vivid interiors invaded by color, to simple but highly functional decors, these living rooms all have a strong visual effect. Sofas cozy enough for friend gatherings, reading corners, traditional fireplaces, royal pendant lamps, colorful pillows, guitars and pianos are just a few of the elements animating these lovely cribs. No matter what their size, they all feature large windows and beautiful flower arrangements. Enjoy these living rooms that take this modern space an

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  2. Stylish Remodel With Traditional Influences, Arizona

    Due to its deserted look, Arizona is considered a challenge for architects, interior designers and landscape professionals. This was also the case with the project below, a home remodeled by Prideaux Design. The studio combined beautifully traditional influences with contemporary functionality, and a welcoming, warm place resulted.Taking the classic principles as a rule, the house offers stability, order and a pleasant feeling of security. Light tones of yellow, beige and brown offer tranquility, while dark hues of brown and blue add accent to the space. When trying to introduce traditional influences at home, pay attention to the style, material and color of the items. If the object is too sophisticated it may not adapt easily to a country side look […] 

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