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  1. 15 Funky Teen Bedrooms Design Ideas That Any Teenager Will Love

    A teenagers room should be more than a place they can retreat when they dont want to talk to their parents. A teenagers room is his haven. Its a solitary space where he can be himself without outside influences. Teenagers are hard to please, but this gallery of goodies is bound to put a smile on their face. For today we gather: 15 Funky Teen Bedrooms Design Ideas That Any Teenager Will Love. Any room should be a reflection of their personality and a space where they can feel comfortable, safe, and inspired.All funky teen bedrooms in this post are particularly creative in their use of color and other design elements, ultimately creating vibrant spaces where even the most finicky and fickle teenagers would love to hole up. To a teenager, a small space is better than no space, but making a small room look larger while also appealing to a teenagers needs is a design challenge. […] 

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  2. Luxury Living: A Duplex Apartment in Mumbai, India

    Luxury living is usually about crystals, marble and expensive lacquered wood. While this is not a definition I would adopt wholeheartedly, there are interiors that look amazing after following the above mentioned formula. The duplex below is located in Mumbai, India and it was designed bySpace Dynamix. Embracing brown as a dominant tone, the rooms offer tranquility, warmth and stability, while pampering the inhabitants with exquisite furnishings, comfy sofas and a lovely terrace overlooking the neighborhood. As for the decorative items, the designer relied on black wooden sculptures, abstract drawings and king size vases. Also, to add personality to the home, several statement objects were introduced: a couple of chairs with a geometric patterned seat back and some original pendant lamps make the luxury living a fairytale […] 

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