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  1. Architecture and Nature Fully Integrated: Surfside House by Stelle Architects

    Designed by Stelle Architects, this modern house is located in Bridgehampton, NY, USA.  Architecture and nature have been fully integrated in this light-saturated, oceanfront compound that includes a guest house, a two car garage, a free-form chlorine free pool and a two story house clad in wood and cement panel rain screen with anodized aluminum windows. The house was gutted, elevated and expanded as permitted by local codes. The original structure was reinforced with steel framing; the plans, elevations, systems, interior and exterior finishes are all new. The ‘new house’ floats elegantly above the dunes, maximizing ocean views. Dark wood interiors and small windows were replaced with full height glass and light sea foam colored materials […] 

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  2. Wooden Accents Defining Modern Stylish Apartment in Taipei

    Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this stylish apartment was designed by J.C. Architecture. Tea-Art project is situated on the third floor of a large building, overlooking a park. The apartment is located on the 3rd floor, in between the tree lines, we decided to flip the program 180 degrees so the living room is at the back and will be able to get the full amount of park views and sunlight that it deserves. The atmosphere of calm and comfort is ensured through a neutral color palette and items of furniture made of natural wood. Openness is the defining characteristic for this stylish apartment . Flooded in natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows […] Read more

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  3. Modern Apartment With A Folding Glass Wall

    This clever example of interior layout, by the team at Fertility Design, experiments with the introduction of retractable glass doors within the heart of a home, to divide off rooms for quiet and privacy at certain times of the day, whilst still providing the opportunity of creating a free flowing open plan space when desired. The sliding doors in this example provide a barrier around the home office area for times when total concentration is needed away from the hubbub of the rest of the family home. The home library is also situated within the glass encasement area, to allow a place of peace for study. On the flip side, a large whiteboard has been hung opposite the bookshelves that doubles as a kids activity wall, this suggests that at times the glazed panels are pulled across to contain the noise within the central glass box rather than to keep it out […]&nbsp

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