Designer Ajay Dey

Founder Adkreative Forum @ Kolkata

About me

WELCOME TO AD KREATIVE FORUM | THE BEST INTERIOR DESIGNER IN KOLKATA Interior Designing is an art. It is very difficult to find the best interior design consultant in Kolkata. If you have given your designing contract to any designer then the result may not be liked by you. So you should always go for the best interior decorator in Kolkata. We Ad Kreative forum, an interior designer in Kolkata is the one stop solution for all the interior designing issues. “Design has been viewed as an aesthetic. Design equals has something looks. You see this attitude to design in every part of society-clothing design to interior design, less so in product design and yes in web design. I think design lovers so much more than an aesthetic. Design is fundamentally more, Design is usability, It is information Architecture, It is Accessibility, This is all Design” – Mark Boultan. ‘Designing‘ and ‘Kreativity’ goes hand in hand like two soul mates walking to the same direction, one complementing the other. Hence, if we fuze the two words together and along with that add some more words like theories, tools, techniques and ideas, the word ‘Designing Kreativity’ produces great work. ‘Kreativity’ or ‘Creativity’ as the name suggests is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. We the AD Kreative Forum believe in the above said lines by Mark Boultann for the work related to interior decoration. We believe design is a universal word which when added to ‘Art’ gives a meaning, i.e. ‘Designing Art’. We the AD Kreative Forum lead by Mr. Ajay Dey, who is a renowned interior designer in kolkata, provides designing solutions. It can be interior designing, product designing, printing designing, etc. We not only provide designing solutions but also execution and supply the number of products required to give such arts and design proper shapes and styles.


Specialization in:

  • Interior Designer
  • Office interior Designer
  • Flat interior Designer
  • Drawing Room Interior
  • Bedroom Designing
  • Modular Kitchen Interior
  • Shop Interior Design
  • Contemporary Interior Design


Planning With 2D And 3D Design
Interior Design And Execution
Commercial Design And Decoration
Supervision And Execute

Interior Designer

  • Required Carpentry Work 90%

  • Customized Modular Kitchen 90%

  • Required Electrical Work 80%

  • Customized False Ceiling 80%