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About Me

HeRTZ, is a Baroda based architecture collective, established by Harshal Patel, Ronak Kambodia, Tushar Mhaiskar and Zain Nizami. Formally founded in 2017, the practice has since been intrinsically involved with design, detail, and execution, across multiple scales ranging from furniture and lighting to interiors, architecture and landscape.


Tracing back to its inception in 2009, the practice was at first, an informal setup formed by likeminded collaborators, who collectively believed in making a difference, however miniscule it may be. Pivotal to its objective, HeRTZ has now developed as an intimate practice, where the client and/or the end-user is always upheld hand in hand, at every stage. Every project, is thus addressed as an exciting opportunity, with immense potential to develop an interim association between the client and the designers, where there is a discursive exchange of ideas, methods and intellectual wavelengths. Approachability, being the gist of all such interactions, ensures that the entire experience of discovering and experimenting should be as pleasurable and resourceful for the client, as much as for the designer or the end-product itself. As a multidisciplinary practice which offers design consultancy along with monitored execution and post-occupancy maintenance.


HeRTZ identifies its strength in minimising the inhibitions, which are otherwise commonly faced by most clients in the current market scenario. One size does not fit all. And as a response to this maxim, every undertaking at HeRTZ is an outcome of a consciously layered network of site-specific vectors. With uniquely customised solutions, bespoke designs are developed and refined, to accommodate maximum flexibility.


Specialization in:


  • House Architectural
  • Building Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Green Architects
  • Urban Architectural
  • Interior Designer
  • House Elevation
  • Commercial Building Design